Why Do We Dream?



The function of dreaming is something that is still not completely understood. It has been considered for thousands of years, but even now in the 21st century we are still looking for a definitive answer. The following video touches on various theories as to why we dream at night.

Learn the Key Phrases!

Technological advancement
Fulfil our wishes
Our daily conscious lives
Unconscious images
Thoughts, urges and desires
Memory processes
Primitive instinct
Contributing factor
Prominent theories
Unresolved experiences
to function properly
to have symbolic meanings
to nap
to sleep on sth

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Let’s check the main ideas!

Has continued technological advancement given us a definitive answer as to why we dream?

No, instead we have a collection of prominent theories.

Does the act of dreaming involve a lot of stress?

No, in fact, we are least stressed when we dream and so it could be the best time for healing our unresolved experiences.

From where might we get the images that appear in our dreams?

They are a collection of images from our daily conscious lives.

I think that…

Since we will have dreams, I think it’s a topic that is universally interesting. We are often confused by the things we dream about. And so it’s natural to look for answers. What’s even more fascinating is that no scientist can yet tell us why dreaming happens?

There are several things in the video that run truth me. For example, I agree that we commit things to memory far quicker when we’ve been able to sleep on something. The same goes for making big decisions. We can approach these with less stress once we had a good night’s sleep.

The thing about each of the theories detailed is that they all individually make sense. So perhaps it could be that they’re all true in some way. It would be exciting to someday have a definite answer as to why we dream. And with all the recent technological advancements that could be someday soon.

Share your thoughts!

  1. Which one of the theories was your favorite and why?
  2. How often do you have dreams that stand out and keep you thinking long after you wake up?
  3. Is it important for us to understand our dreams? Give a reason for your opinion.



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