What is self-care?


We very often catch ourselves dreaming about a ‘‘self-care night’’. People these days don’t really have that much time for just thinking about themselves. We’re consumed by our work, our problems, even other people’s problems. So how do we find time for self-care? And what even is self-care?

Learn the key phrases!

to be / feel stressed out
to impact one’s immune system
to burn out
to be in denial about something
to practice self-care
to meditate
it creates endorphins
to improve cognitive functions
to sleep like a rock / a log

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Let’s check the main ideas!

  1. Does a spa day mean self-care for everyone?

Not necessarily. Everyone should come up with their own definition of self-care.

  1. What are the fundamental parts of self-care?

Anything that is for yourself. Diet, movement and time in nature.

  1. What causes stress?

Almost everything can cause stress, such as the things we put in our bodies, the things we put on our bodies, our thoughts, and our choices.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. What causes you the most stress?
  2. What is your definition of self-care?
  3. Do you have any other ideas how could we take more care of ourselves?

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To go to bed and read

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