What Are You Willing To Pay a Lot For?



People are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on different things. Everyone has their hobbies and passions, and they usually cost a lot of money, and it might not seem to be worth it to others. What are you willing to pay a lot for?

Learn the key phrases!

a veritable Holy Grail
the world’s elite
to be extremely valuable
to hit the jackpot

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Let’s check the main ideas!

  1. What do people like to collect?

Many different things like for example stamps, limited editions of comics, clothes, precious stones, or even animals.

  1. Is there a holy grail in every category?

Almost, yes. There were many examples of holy grails in the video, like the Gutenberg Bible.

  1. Are the rarest things in the world usually the most expensive?

Yes, the rarest things are usually the most expensive, even if the item is an old book or a dusty coin.

I think that…

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  1. Are there any things in this video you’d pay a huge amount of money for?
  2. What are some of your holy grail items? What items of your choice would you pay a lot of money for?
  3. Do you think spending so much money on material belongings makes sense?

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Every person can spend their money as they want

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Dear Niki, i would spend on travels to see different places and culture. Would u spend money for that with ppl u love what u think?

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Greece would be first at my travel list, all islands🙂 which is your favorite one Maria? I prefer skiathos and kefalonia

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I really like your answer and I would spend my money for travels with friends for sure.

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