The secrets of a music industry


What secrets is the music industry hiding? Is everything we see on social media true? Unfortunately not. We have to remember it’s show-business, as they say. It’s all about the money and renown.

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make ends meet
to pay royalties

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  1. Do musicians always write their own songs?

They don’t. In fact, most of the time there’s a bunch of people helping them.

  1. Is all the ‘‘beef’’ in the music industry real?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s artificial; an idea by the artist, the management or the record label to increase attention.

  1. As a musician, will you earn a lot of money just from recording and releasing music?

No, most musicians earn their money from other sources, for example, touring or merchandise.

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  1. Are you keeping up with the music industry? Are you interested in it?
  2. Who were your idols growing up?
  3. Are there any artists/kinds of music you’re not a fan of? Why?

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She isn’t allowed to look after her children.


Every single member of the team earns a percentage of their income.
I believe that nowadays singers earn money when they have contracts with fashion and beauty companies.

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Why did you put IF in the correction? I used the expression “as for sb” which means “to talk about how another person or thing is affected by something” according to the cambridge dictionary. What means your correction?

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I’m so sorry, I listened to your recording once again and you’re absolutely right. I got the context of the sentence wrong. Thanks for being alert! :slight_smile: