The importance of looks


Whenever we think of models we usually think of beautiful women wearing really expensive clothes in photoshoots or runways. Almost every little girl has dreamt about becoming a model. We want to look beautiful, be admired by others, travel the world, and earn a lot of money. Models seem to have it all. But is this job really so perfect?


Learn the key phrases!


to be quite privileged
to win a genetic lottery
it’s not a career path
to be out of your control
to be stopped and frisked by police
to strike an honest balance
to be/feel insecure

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Let’s check the main ideas!


  1. Is every single photo photoshopped and retouched?

Yes, it is. That’s why it pictures an unrealistic body image.

  1. Can you just pick a model career?

No, it’s like a huge lottery. You don’t get to decide about that.

  1. Can models be insecure?

Of course, they have to think about how they look almost every second of the day.

I think that…

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  1. Are there any professions you consider more appealing than the others? Are they really so great?
  2. Are there any bad sides of your profession?
  3. Have you ever thought about becoming a model? Do you think it’s an easy job?

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If blonde hair is beautiful for me
Misunderstanding that I very often see happening
I believe trying to be fit and slim is healthy

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