The diet that helps fight climate change


This video from Vox shows that the question is not always ‘whether to be vegan or not’. Instead, you can still make a difference and help preserve the environment by making more conscious decisions on what you eat, particularly by choosing to eat less beef and lamb.

Learn the key phrases!

to be a sucker for something = to like something so much that it could be used against you
to feel a little conflicted
to eat on a daily basis
to contribute to global warming
to swap beef out entirely for lentils
to pack a powerful punch to the planet
ruminant animals
to raise livestock
to keep carbon pollution out of the air
per capita
plant-based foods
to reduce one’s meat intake
to switch to a Mediterranean/vegan/vegetarian diet
to cut down one’s portion size
to swap out a meat dish for a veggie burger

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Let’s check the main ideas!

1.Does what we put on our plate matter?

Yes, it actually does. About 25% of all the global climate change problems can be attributed back to food.

2.What change can becoming a vegan cause?

It can decrease carbon pollution in the long run.

3.Is meat consumption decreasing worldwide?

Yes, for example in the last decade there’s been a 19 percent drop in the amount of beef we eat.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. Would you ever consider becoming a vegetarian or even a vegan?
  2. Do you think maintaining a vegetarian diet is a hard thing to do? Would you miss meat?
  3. Do you pay attention to how much meat you eat in general?



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