Overcoming Mistreatment to Inspire Others


Lizzie Velásquez was born with a rare disorder. Although she was fortunate enough to be raised in a loving and supportive home, she has had to endure cruelty from others. When faced with these difficulties, she eventually decided to own her illness in a positive way instead of giving in to how strangers saw her.

Learn the key phrases!

to endure cruelty from others
the glue that holds/held one’s family together
to have a fighting spirit
what defines who you are as a person?
the outer appearance
to scrub it off
to be visually impaired
to gain weight
to tease someone

Let’s check the main ideas!

  1. How many people have the same syndrome as Lizzie?

She knows of only two other people suffering from the same condition in the world.

  1. Are there any benefits she mentions?

Yes, she mentions never having to worry about what she eats. She makes some of the disadvantages sound like advantages.

  1. What did the doctors say when she was born?

They said she would never be able to walk, talk, crawl, think, or do anything herself.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. Do you know any people diagnosed with really rare illnesses?
  2. How much do you think her family has helped her in overcoming the struggles of her syndrome?
  3. How do you think she manages to stay so positive?

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Why they look the way they look.
Don’t forget your judgement can be

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So far she did very vell
Bullying doesn’t only take place against people with disorders