Lesbos: Greek police move migrants to new camp after Moria fire


This is a video from the BBC discussing the ongoing issue of migrant-management in countries that are popular entrypoints to Europe, such as Greece and Italy. This discussion was prompted by the occurrence of a fire on the Greek island Lesbos that has forced the local police to relocate many migrants to a new location.

Learn the key phrases!

to be homeless
a temporary home/camp
it’s highly concerning that…
the provision of medical care
a long-term solution
to double down on something
dire (situation/consequences, etc)
reluctant to stay
a situation that was unresolved
to be adamant that
a ticking time bomb
to symbolise a breakdown over the future of migrants
to share a burden
to have an appetite for
a very difficult and divisive question
to reform the European asylum process
to show solidarity with each other
to apply for/to request/to seek asylum
to bear the brunt of something
a perfect place for the spread of disease
their ordeal is not over yet
to wreak misery/havoc/disaster

Let’s check the main ideas!

  1. Why did some of the people refuse to go to a new camp?

They feared living conditions in the new location would be as bad as or worse than at Moria, which was notoriously unsafe. They also worried they would be left waiting for months to have their requests for asylum processed, before they could be transferred to the Greek mainland or another European country.

  1. How many people were affected by the fire?

More than 12,000 people, including entire families with elderly and newborns, were left homeless.

  1. Where did some of the people go to look for shelter?

Thousands of people have been sleeping under tarpaulins or tents at roadsides and in the car parks of closed supermarkets since the blaze.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. Do you think countries like Germany and Sweden should accept more refugees?
  2. How would you try to solve this problem?
  3. How would it make you feel if you had to live on the streets?

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Uff it was fire and storm there i feel sad for poor ppl😪


I am from Greece and it’s true that many bad things have happened the last months but we try our best


Pray for your beutiful country :nazar_amulet:whole this year is tough and weird

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How is situation right now Maria?

Dear Maria,
we heard here in Serbia that was fire and ppl are injured and moved to other location. We also have here many migrants and i have daily oportunity to see in how bad condition they are living.