Landmark settlement for Breonna Taylor, wrongfully shot by US police


As reported by Ben Crump, the Breonna Taylor settlement is a ‘significant and landmark’ event. This video from ABC discusses the recent settlement of $12M USD for Breonna Taylor’s family, a young African-American woman who was wrongfully shot by police last March in Kentucky, USA.

Learn the key phrases!

to execute a no-knock warrant
to pay 12 million dollars in the wrongful death lawsuit
to barge into
to fire a warning shot with a legally owned gun
the criminal case against the three officers is still pending
to include incentives for police officers to live in certain low-income areas
to do volunteer work in the communities
to stop another tragedy
to bridge this divide of mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color
to be a deterrent for someone
to use excessive force against someone
to deal with systematic racism and oppresssion
to be marginalised
to set a precedent

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Let’s check the main ideas!

  1. What happened to Breonna Taylor?

Breonna Taylor was wrongfully shot by police last March in Kentucky, USA.

  1. What happened after news spread of her tragic death?

Many protests and riots took place after she was killed.

  1. What disciplinary measures have the officers faced?

At the time of the video, more than 6 months after Breonna was killed, the officers were still under investigation, and had yet to be charged. However, one of the three officers was since fired and the other two are on administrative reassignment.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. Do you think the officers would have acted differently had they lived in the same community?
  2. What do you think about the protests and the riots?
  3. Have you done anything to help the black community?



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