Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for It


This TED talk is very important. It is well known that women don’t negotiate their salaries as men do and that largely contributes to the wage gap that exists. That happens because many women undervalue what they offer.


Learn the key phrases!


to communicate one’s value
the gender wage gap
to sing one’s own praises
to be scared out of one’s wits
to limit one’s earning potential
to diminish oneself

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Let’s check the main ideas!


  1. How do we control the way people think about us?

We control it by clearly defining and communicating our value.

  1. How much do women earn compared to men?

Statistically a woman earns 80 cents for every dollar a man owns.

  1. Are doubts and fears normal?

Yes, of course. They don’t define our value and they shouldn’t limit our earning potential.

I think that…

Share your thoughts!

  1. Have you ever felt like you were not receiving what you are worth?
  2. What affects the value that you assign to yourself?
  3. Does it make you uncomfortable to ask for what you believe you are worth?

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Did I have any mistakes, Emma? :heart_eyes:

Hi, not that I noticed! :slight_smile: I would only change " I have personal issue to interfere with my work " to “there are personal issues that interfere with my work”. Good work!


Women being less paid/worth goes way in the past and there is an endless conflict…but should there be one? Women are better in this field, men are better in that field…doesn’t it somehow balance everything and makes us ‘‘equal’’? Which should result in being paid the same for the same job?
We live in a modern society and alas, still have to controvert this topic…shall it ever end?

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Being a child, I would be just hidiously embarassed with a blemish on my face…and I’m thinking about the way parents might help such children

Exatcly what I said, you just used different wording :slight_smile: Yes, women are less paid in general, regardless they are ‘‘better’’ or ‘‘worse’’ than men…gender defines the pay check, unfortunately.


Speaking from my own experience, I spent 15 years in banking business on the same position as assistant. Circumstances were: I am a single mum of two girls and had to put food on their plates…
But two years ago, I decided to do something for myself, quit the bank and started a new career in tourism…what a reward! :slight_smile:


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Few years ago a local supermarket in my city, used to force the women employees to sing that they will not get pregnant till their contract expires.
I couldn’t believe it, it is completely against the human rights! But the unemployment level is so high that people will sign everything for a job.



I totally agree with you… Doesn t worth it and yes if you think about it, you will not be happy in a job that puts you limits because you are a woman. Now that I have more years of working experience, I always make clear what salary I want and under what conditions I want to work.


That is very sad i saw that many time in country i live where ppl accept to work anything no matter what :sleepy:

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I totally agree with u, very well said :heart: