How to get orders for translations without intermediaries? Greek

Ooops! :construction: Your language section is launching at this time and we need your help with verifying the translations for mistakes. If you want to join the project, please, help the Community to translate it!

Now translators can receive translation orders without intermediaries. Learn more!


It’s easy to get translation orders!

Translators and clients on our website resolve all questions about translation and payment directly with each other! We give translators and clients a platform to find each other and communicate.

The service is paid by translators. You don’t need to pay a commission for every order. The subscription price is fixed and very low. :coffee: The cost does not depend on the number of orders that the translator received through our website.

:rocket: Access for translators is completely free during the project launch period.

It is easy for any translator to start working with us - register and follow simple steps.

:one: Become an active translator

:heavy_check_mark: Complete your profiles in detail by following our guidelines.
:heavy_check_mark: Pay for an active translator’s subscription to access orders and personal communication with clients.

:two: Increase your reliability rating

Clients carefully look at your activity on the site, your profile, reviews and likes of users before choosing you.

:heavy_check_mark: Ask clients to leave a review under your profile.

:heavy_check_mark: Answer questions in the “How to say?” section, participate in discussions, give likes to other users, be useful to other people.

:+1: If the articles section is not active in your language, and you want to publish your articles, please let the support know.

:three: Respond to orders

Discuss the terms directly in the response to the order or in private messages.

Keep in mind that clients can hide the answers of other translators to get unique price offers. Therefore, if you do not see the answers of other translators, it does not mean that they are not there.

:four: Discuss the terms

If the client is satisfied with your offer, continue communication through private messages.

:five: Ask for feedback

Ask the client to write a review under your profile after completing the order.

:warning: To avoid fake reviews, each review must include a link to the order, which contains the answer of this translator with the status “Issue resolved”.


You can create one account on our website. After completing the registration, the translator should open the account settings and perform the following actions:

  1. Upload your close-up photo (under “Account > Avatar”).

  2. Enter your full name (under “Account > Name”).

  3. Enter your time zone (under “Profile > Time Zone”).

  4. Review your account settings and make changes if necessary.

Where can you list your contacts?

:white_check_mark: You can place any of your contact information (phone numbers, email, links to pages in social networks) in your account (Settings > Profile > About me). After you respond to the order, the student can open your account and see your contacts.

:no_entry_sign: You are not allowed to specify contacts in a personal message, order, response to an order or blog article.

Telegram notifications and responses

We recommend that you set up notification forwarding in Telegram. Go to your account settings under “Profile > Telegram Notifications”.

  1. Send a message to the bot You will receive a response with the numeric number of your chat.

  2. Copy this number and paste it into the Telegram notification field.

You will now receive notifications of new messages and responses. You can reply to messages and your responses will be immediately published on the site.

Order notifications for your languages

:warning: This feature is currently under development. You can subscribe now only to notifications about all new orders in a category, without selecting a specific language tag.

Translator profiles

The translator’s personal page is professional clothing that clients look at first.

Next, clients look at reviews, the presence of answers on the site and their content, the manner of communicating with users, the activity of the translator on the site and how much benefit was created for other people.

The client gets an impression of you as a specialist and a person before the client chooses you.

Profiles are pages of translators of various specialties. For example, you work as a translator, interpreter and court translator. You can create 3 different pages and fill them with a suitable description of a specific professional activity. Splitting into multiple profiles is optional.

image The profile must be created as a new topic in the Translator Profiles section. Κατάλογος μεταφραστών

:heavy_heart_exclamation: Which title should I choose for the profile?

You can come up with any title for your profile. Here are some options.

  • Name. Online translator from Chinese to English in Paris
  • Name. Notarized translations in Paris
  • Name. English translator in Paris

:woman_shrugging: What can you share in your profile?

You can place the information in any order or add something. We just give you tips on how to make your professional page detailed and attractive.

  • Video presentation (include a link to the YouTube video; be sure to mention in the video that it was recorded for Natives Chat)

  • Tell us about yourself! Tell us some words about yourself in a free form.

  • Country, city.

  • Your education, diplomas, certificates.

  • Your work experience.

  • Types of translation (choose from the list the type of translation you are doing).

  • Written translation
  • Coder
  • Editor
  • Oral simultaneous translation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Guide
  • Native speaker
  • Specializations (choose from the list of translation topics in which you specialize).
  • Business and Finance
  • General topics
  • Technical translation
  • Medicine
  • Jurisprudence
  • Road transport
  • Metallurgy
  • Oil and gas
  • Information Technology
  • ~
  • Aviation and space
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Nuclear power
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Paper, papermaking
  • Accounting
  • Wine, winemaking
  • Defense industry
  • Genealogy
  • Genetics
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mining, extractive industry
  • Others
  • Food and drinks
  • Livestock
  • Zoology
  • Games, Gambling, Video Games
  • Art
  • Internet, e-commerce
  • Arts: literature
  • History
  • Movies and TV
  • Computers: “hardware”
  • Computers: general topics
  • Computers: programs
  • Computers: networks
  • Cosmetics, perfumery
  • Cooking
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Materials, Materials Science
  • Furniture
  • Medicine: cardiology
  • Medicine: medical care
  • Medicine: devices and instruments
  • Medicine: dentistry
  • Medicine: pharmaceuticals
  • Management
  • Meteorology
  • Mechanics, mechanical engineering
  • Music
  • Multimedia
  • The property
  • Wood processing
  • Education, pedagogy
  • Clothes, fabrics, fashion
  • Patents
  • Translation of personal documents
  • Nutrition, diet
  • Politics
  • Poetry and Literature
  • Psychology
  • Advertising
  • Religion
  • Retail
  • Fishing, fish farming
  • Agriculture
  • Public relations
  • Sociology
  • Insurance
  • Building
  • Shipbuilding, navigation
  • Telecommunication
  • Typography, publishing
  • Transport, logistics
  • Tourism
  • Personnel Management
  • Physics
  • Physical education and sports
  • Philosophy
  • Finance
  • Folklore
  • Photography, graphics
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Economy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy
  • Jurisprudence: contracts
  • Jurisprudence: taxes, customs
  • Jurisprudence: patents, copyright
  • Language pairs (specify the language pairs with which you translate).

  • Software (specify the names of the programs for the translators you work with).

  • Prices. Indicate the price for interpretation during 60 minutes and the cost of written translation for 1800 characters with spaces).

  • Photos and videos of testimonials.

:earth_asia: In which language should you create your profile?

A translator can only have one account on our website. It doesn’t make sense to create more than one account to increase the number of views for your profiles.

This does not work on our website, because the client will be able to write to you only after you reply to the order. Also because the reliability rating is accumulated for the main account.


  • If English is your native language and you translate from Czech and Spanish into English and vice versa, then you can create two profiles in English in the “English” section. The first profile will be about Czech and the second profile will be about the Spanish language. Also you may include all information about yourself in one profile.

  • If you have several mother tongues, then you can create profiles in other language sections of the site in the same way.

Put links to profiles in other languages in all your profiles.

:no_entry: What can’t you publish publicly on the site?

You can not publish in your profile:
:no_entry_sign: Any contacts (phone numbers, email, links to pages in social networks).
:no_entry_sign: Identification documents.
:no_entry_sign: Payment details.
:no_entry_sign: Your home address.

All these details can be provided to the student in a personal message, except for the contact details. Contacts should be specified in the account settings (Settings > Profile > About me).

If you break this rule, you will be given a warning. If you receive a certain number of alerts, your account will be permanently blocked without a refund of the cost of active paid services.

Translator profiles (necessary to be done)

You need to do the following if you work with multiple languages.

  1. Create separate profiles for each language in the “Translators directory” section.

  2. Put in each profile links to all your other profiles.

  3. Collect feedback on the required profiles, depending on what language was used for completing the order.

  4. Create one favorite page, where you can give a general description of everything you do, and specify links to your profiles.

  5. Set your favorite page as your “Favorite Topic” in your account settings in the “Profile” section. A link to this topic will be displayed to clients in your user card after clicking on your name.

If you have created only one profile, then select it as your favorite topic.

:abacus: How can you clean up your profile?

It’s simple. Use headings and subheadings.

  • Add to the beginning of the profile the following code: <div data-theme-toc="true"> </div>.

  • Add any text from a new line.

  • Put a # sign at the beginning of the line with a space in front of the text if you want to make this text a title.

  • For subheadings of different nesting levels, put the characters ## or ### or #### at the beginning of the line with a space before the text.

Here’s an example:

<div data-theme-toc="true"> </div>
# Header 1
## Subheading 1.1
## Subheading 1.2.
### Subheading 1.2.1

Site cleanliness

Violators of the rules have always and everywhere existed. Do not pass by if you faced disorder or violation of rules on the site! Inform the site administration about messages and users who violate the site rules. Video instruction:

You can disable message notifications from a specific user if you don’t want to receive messages from this person. Video instruction:

Violators will not know who complained about them. Each post is carefully reviewed by the moderators.


If you still have a question, write a question to support or an online consultant.

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