How to find a foreign language tutor without intermediaries? Nederlands

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Here you can find teachers of foreign languages and native speakers for any task without intermediaries. Learn more!


It’s easy to find a teacher!

Teachers and students on our website resolve all questions about training and payment directly with each other! We give teachers and students a platform to find each other and communicate. The service is paid for by the teachers. The subscription price does not depend on the number of students that the teacher found through our website.

:rocket: Access for teachers and native speakers is completely free for the duration of the project launch.

:one: Announce that you are looking for a teacher for your task

:dart: Create an ad in the correct section and specify the correct parameters so that the right teachers will know about your task.

  • :scroll: If you need a native speaker, then create an ad in the section of this language, and make the ad text in this language. For example, you need a native English speaker. Go to the “English” section and create an ad in English. Select the language you want to learn in the ad settings.

  • :page_with_curl: If you need a foreign language teacher to teach in Spanish, then create an advertisement written in Spanish in the Spanish section. Select the language you want to learn in the ad settings.

:heavy_check_mark: Follow the prompts to compose a detailed announcement. This will allow teachers to understand the essence of the problem and more accurately estimate the cost, timing and other parameters of training even before the first contact with you.

:dark_sunglasses: You can hide the teachers ’ answers. In this case, the teachers will not see each other’s answers, and you will get unique price offers.

:warning: Do not publish your contacts in the public domain! Beware of scammers, because the history of communication with them and their activity is not saved on our site.

Teachers registered on the site will respond to your ad, and you can view their contacts. You will decide when and with whom you will contact.

:two: Discuss the terms with the teachers

You will receive teacher responses under your ad or in a personal message. You will receive notifications on the site about each response or message.

:three: Check out the teacher profiles and their training suggestions

Go to the teacher’s profile to view user reviews of this teacher and learn about the teacher’s professional activity on our site in the form of published useful articles and participation in discussions.

:four: Select a teacher

You can continue to communicate via private messages with the teachers you are interested in. Remember that all questions with the teacher you decide on your own. Natives.Chat is responsible for the quality of audio chat with native speakers. Teachers are responsible for the quality of the training they provide.

:five: Stop receiving responses

Activate the “Issue resolved” status at the bottom of the selected teacher’s answer to no longer receive suggestions from teachers. This will improve your teacher’s stats, and the status of your ad will change to “Closed”.

You can cancel the “Issue resolved” status, or create a new ad if you need a new teacher after a while.

:six: Write a review to the teacher

It is important to leave a review to the teacher some time after the start of training. Go to the profile of the teacher you worked with. Next, go to the teacher’s page, which is dedicated to the language you are learning. You can leave your comment and rating at the bottom of this page.

:warning: To avoid fake reviews, each review must include a link to the student’s ad, which contains the teacher’s response with the status “Issue resolved”.

Account setup

A user account is created during registration. You can only create 1 account on our website. You can use it as a student or teacher at the same time.

After completing the registration, you need to go to your account settings and perform the following actions:

  1. Upload your close-up photo (under “Account> Avatar”). Professional teachers are more likely to respond to ads created by real people than invisible people.

  2. Enter your full name (under " Account > Name")

  3. Enter your time zone (under " Profile > Time Zone")

  4. Check your account settings and make changes if necessary.

Notifications and responses in Telegram

We recommend that you set up notification forwarding in Telegram. Go to your account settings under “Profile > Telegram Notifications”.

  1. Send a message to the bot You will receive a response with the numeric number of your chat.

  2. Copy this number and paste it into the Telegram notification field.

You will now receive notifications of new messages and responses. You can reply to messages via Telegram. Your responses and likes will be immediately published on the site.

How can you share contacts?

:white_check_mark: You can place any of your contact information (phone numbers, email, links to pages in social networks) in your account (Settings > Profile > About me). Any user will be able to see your contacts in your account.

:no_entry_sign: You are not allowed to specify contacts in personal messages, ads, responses to ads, or blog articles.

Site cleanliness

There are always and everywhere rule breakers. Do not pass by if you see a disorder or violation on the site! Inform the site administration about messages and users who violate the site rules. Video instructions:

You can disable message notifications from a specific user if you don’t want to receive messages from this person. Video instruction:

Violators will not know who complained about them. Each post is carefully reviewed by the moderators.


If you still have a question, write a question to support or an online consultant

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