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Natives Chat is a 24/7, asynchronous audio chat with native English speakers, based on a special methodology and controlled to comply with it, where all the necessary skills are developed. Learn more!

Why did we come up with this?

Natives Chat makes communication with native speakers affordable, regular, and convenient, effective and interesting.

:clock1: You choose the time of communication in the chat.

:man_student: All materials are selected for people with different proficiency levels of English language.

:interrobang: The topics are selected for people with different interests.

:world_map: You do not depend on the time zone of native speakers.

:speaking_head: All text messages are voiced with a perfect accent by English native speakers.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: You don’t get used to one teacher - you speak to different native speakers and other people.

:earth_asia: You communicate with native speakers as well as with other people from all over the world using only the English language.

How does it work?

This is what communication looks like in Natives.Chat:

:one: Everyday native speakers publish content that they want to discuss with other people. Each material contains an interesting video, a list of key phrases, a comprehension test, a detailed opinion, and questions for other people on this topic in the form of text and audio recording.

:two: Get acquainted with the materials.

:three: Prepare your reply: write down your answers and questions about the material to other chat participants, and make a voice recording of your reply using the online voice-recorder of our website.

:four: Native speakers will check your text and audio recording, correct mistakes, answer questions, and give you an audio response with their perfect pronunciation.

:five: Communicate with other chat participants without any restrictions: answer their questions, ask them your questions about the topic.

What results will you get?

Now the locals of any country will understand you! You will successfully develop all the language skills in our system.


  • You will overcome the language barrier (communication skill).

  • You will be learning the language in the context and through the real-time communication (practice).

  • You will be reading a modern language (reading skill).

  • You will get used to hear native speakers (pronunciation skill).

  • You will be learning new phrases from the real life of native speakers (vocabulary).

  • You will do exercises with the key phrases and audio recordings many times (memorization skill).

  • You will be speaking out loud and not mumbling (speaking skill).

  • You will be communicating with native speakers and other people (communication skill).

  • You will be expressing your opinion (thinking skill).

  • You will be composing sentences (spelling skill).

  • You will be completing tasks many times every day (skills training).

  • You will be training with different native speakers according to the system (result).

We have deliberately made our audio chat with native speakers better than individual lessons with private tutors, language exchanges or language courses in groups.

Who needs it?

Natives.Chat is indispensable for those who want to:

:earth_americas: Feel confident in another country.

:passport_control: Take an oath or pass an interview.

:school: Study in another country.

:white_check_mark: Pass an international exam.

:woman_student: Enter the University in another country.

:100: Get the maximum score in the exams.

:people_holding_hands: Prepare for the presentation.

:speaking_head: Develop and strengthen speaking and writing skills.

Compare us with others

№1 We work for results
:green_circle: Our company is responsible for the quality of language communication and the availability of native speakers.
:red_circle: In other services, your interlocutor communicates if he/she has enough time, desire, and interest in you. For him/her it is a spare time hobby.
№2 Real native speakers communicate with you
:green_circle: We recruit only reliable native speakers who have been selected carefully and have undergone special methodological training.
:red_circle: Other sites are flooded with non-native speakers. Communicating with them may be interesting, yet inefficient in terms of language learning.
№3 Communication with our native speakers is interesting
:green_circle: We employ only native speakers that are very interesting to communicate with. Communication is always meaningful, and participants’ messages are reasoned and reflect their personal point of view. Our speakers are readily available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can keep communicating right away whenever you want to.
:red_circle: It is quite difficult to find an interesting interlocutor in other services, and in most cases communication is superficial and does not go beyond the phrases like “Hello!” or “How are you?”. It is rarely possible to communicate for a long time. You cannot pause communication for your own reasons and then get back to the conversation at the same emotional level.
№4 All text messages are voiced by native speakers and you can download the recordings
:green_circle: Our native speakers will comment on your answers verbally and correct your answers in writing. You can download audio recordings and listen to them many times for better memorization.
:red_circle: On other sites, you only receive a written response from native speakers, and often your mistakes are not corrected.
№5 You focus only on communication practice
:green_circle: You don’t get distracted and just practice your language using our service. We do not show ads even to free users.
:red_circle: Other sites have a quid pro quo principle: you waste time on a return service in the form of correcting the interlocutor’s mistakes in your native language. Other services also have distracting banner ads.
№6 No sexual connotation
:green_circle: We took this into account and fully ruled out any possible sexual connotation.
:red_circle: In other services, communication often starts with the question “Will you be my girlfriend?”
№7 You do not depend on your interlocutor
:green_circle: Our native speakers work in a group, so communicating with the native speakers is always available for you, regardless of situations happening in life.
:red_circle: Using other services, you depend on the interlocutor who agreed to communicate with you: you may have a difference in time zones, the interlocutor may get sick or not respond to your messages and so on.
№8 Native speakers prepare their own topics for discussion
:green_circle: Our native speakers publish new topics for discussion every day. Topics are taken from different headings. Thanks to this, you will encounter a topic from the same section only in one month.
:red_circle: Using other services, you have to come up with a topic for every new conversation on your own.
№9 All possible errors will be corrected
:green_circle: We correct absolutely all your possible mistakes, both in texts and in audio recordings. Correcting errors is a must for native speakers working with your messages.
:red_circle: In other services, error correction is selective and often interferes with the natural flow of communication.

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What subscriptions do we have?

:free: Free version

  • Listen to native speakers and read their discussions with other people.
  • Get notified about new topics and replies.
    This subscription is given for free on signup at Natives Chat.

:moneybag: Paid version:

  • Give written and audible responses to native speakers and other people.
  • Get corrections of your mistakes.
  • Get a voiced version of answers from native speakers.
  • Speak your language without limits using audio recordings and text messages with other people.
  • Get answers to your questions in the ‘How to say’ topic.

Start chatting with native speakers!

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