English community is opened - get speaking practice for free

Hello from Natives.Chat!

We got so many regrets of upset people who couldn’t reply in time to participate in the community program.

We found that there were many people who joined the English community for money but were not active at all. But the seats were taken… At the same time, we got requests from those who wanted to get a free practice with English native speakers without paying them for participating.

And so we decided to open English Natives.Chat community for some time to everybody.

You are not obliged to post a fixed number of replies - it’s on your choice. Your activity is not paid to you or by you - it’s free for both sides. You practice your speaking skills with native speakers for free and we get activity on the site in return.

If you want to join, sign up at https://natives.chat and send a request to join the group: Natives.Chat


This is such a great idea!