Can I apply as a native speaker?

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen that more and more languages are getting launched on the website, which is absolutely wonderful!!

I’m sending a membership request for both german and croatian communities as a native speakers. However, after I clicked the “join the project”, it leads me back to the vacancy part, which I had already filled out for both languages, when I applied for this job.
Do I have to do it all over again?

Kind regards and stay safe!


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Hello, @Pertine!
You can apply as a native speaker via the submission form on a vacancy page: Vacancy for native speakers - SimplySPEAK with Natives.Chat. We get it and store it once it is submitted. No need to repeat the submission.
We have a limited number of native speakers we work with. When a new vacant position is opened we get back to the forms submitted by other candidates.

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